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Another trip around the sun and just so many feelings! Pandemic birthdays really hit different as you reflect on what survival has meant but also, hello existential crisis? Gratitude has (thankfully) taken the lead amongst all of the emotions. My reflections led me to a few things that have worked for me along the way, …


At an event in April, I met Phoebe. She'd contributed to 4040 before and we'd chatted but had never met. She introduced herself and I simply said "You're very pretty."At the end of the event we spoke again. I casually mentioned an idea I had. She quickly responded "Let's do it!"I was stunned. A week …


According to scripture, number 7 is the number of completeness. If I go by its significance, I must confess that the one thing we are not, is complete. It is unlikely that we will be by the end of this year. What we are though, is a constant work in progress. Every year, we celebrate …

Wolf + Moroko

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The Sunblock Chronicles

One ginger's bold adventure to do God's will, encourage others and avoid sunburn.


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Breathe; let go; relax; forgive. _ Mary Anne Radmacher

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And the E stands for Eby'omusiru omugezi y'abirya

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