At an event in April, I met Phoebe. She’d contributed to 4040 before and we’d chatted but had never met. She introduced herself and I simply said “You’re very pretty.”
At the end of the event we spoke again. I casually mentioned an idea I had. She quickly responded “Let’s do it!”
I was stunned.

A week later we had a meeting; 20% brainstorming and 90% getting to know each other and giggling like old friends.
After that meeting, we continued to work on our idea remotely (Thank you Google)

Fast forward to July. I mentioned the idea to a close friend. He encouraged me and applauded our progress. Last week he sent me a grant application, a few days to deadline.
Who did we think we were trying to apply for something with only a concept note?!
Phoebe and I worked on it. She had to leave town, sans network. I was in panic mode on deadline day as one of the requirements was registration documents and again, all we had was a concept note and some scribbled ideas.
Long story short, I was able to submit an hour to the deadline after a day I thought would never end.

We may not get this grant. With my years of rejection experience and acknowledgement that we are only starting out, it will not hurt.
However, either way, we win.
We have a clearer picture of what we want to do, we’ve registered (which could have taken months of planning) and we are out there getting out of our comfort zone(s) and trying.


I don’t know which idea you have or what(who?) is holding you back. You’re probably your biggest critic.
I don’t know how many times you’ve been rejected and what it has done to your psyche, your self esteem.
I don’t know how many things you’re dealing with, which make you forget your creativity, your potential, your dreams.
This month, I pray that you will get out of that proverbial box, that you will dream your big, hairy, audacious dreams. I hope that you will be inspired to speak up, that you will have a wonderful support system cheering you on and sharing constructive criticism. I hope that you will fail some so you can learn from your mistakes and test how badly you want it.
May you discover what lies on the other side of fear.

Happy August!

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